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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Apocolypse Finals

Photographer: Marion Bracque
Models: Lucy Feng and Jonathan Supajirawatananon (Oxygen Models)
Stylist: Hangna Sohn Koh
Makeup artist: Andrea Rascon
Hair stylist: Sarafina Rose Woodward

Finally allowed to publish these photos from my first London modelling assignment that I mentioned here:

The dashing male model you can see in one of the pictures was my stand-in brother for the day. Must say, I was very impressed that they found me a fellow Eurasian for the shoot. Still remember having a rather Western looking brother in a particular student short film... ;)

I love the dream-like effect of the blurring, overlapping images that Marion has managed to capture using very unusual techniques and I adore the looks that the stylists and hair and make-up team managed to put together! What a talented bunch! ;)

For Nostalgia's Sake

Now that I'm modelling more and more frequently, I got all nostalgic about my first ever modelling assignment back in 2011 and realised that I never posted anything about it! So these are a few pictures from the show I did for Peter Prosser Hairdressers, after a surprise scouting during a trim by my regular hairdresser.
During the run up to the show, I remember sporting a different hair colour or different degree of curliness to each of my GCSE exams - which admittedly made exam period a hell of a lot more exciting! This was also the first time that I'd ever had my hair coloured - a very special occasion! ;)

Ps. I promise I will reply to every comment and message asap! Truly sorry for neglecting all of you lovely people! Just been a bit crazily busy lately!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Being a half Chinese girl in a Japanese garden on a Vietnamese themed shoot...

Today I'm sharing with you some lovely memories of a wonderfully Asian day. My day consisted of traipsing around the sun-bather packed Holland Park in some beautifully bizarre outfits made by Central Saint Martins students alongside traditional Vietnamese garments. Must admit, it was an interesting experience being papped constantly by packs of curious tourists...

The shoot was an editorial for Pigeons and Peacocks magazine by the extremely talented photographer Eliska Kyselkova, whose work can be seen here: (Unfortunately, Pigeons and Peacocks being a biannual magazine means a long wait until I can post the final images on here as they need to be published first!) The shoot focuses on the fusion of typically Asian modern and traditional customs that Eliska noticed during her time in Vietnam.

This was my first time in Holland Park and I can most certainly recommend it to everyone! It might well be my new favourite park in London.. Definitely a candidate at the very least! I think it was the park's slightly unruly, wild charm that made it so special to me, possibly as I happened to spend my childhood playing in about the wildest, most charming of gardens I know. I've also been surrounded by water all my life, due to my mum's insistence that we fill the garden with ponds (I believe we are currently the proud owners of 6 ponds...), so I was instantly drawn to the koi carp filled pond of Kyoto Gardens.

This is it - The Apocalypse

Stylist: Hangna Sohn Koh
Make-up: Andrea Rascon
Hair stylist: Serafina Rose Woodward
Model: Lucy Feng
 So I can't send you the photos from the shoot itself as it's potentially being published, but here are some behind the scenes previews of hair and makeup. This was actually my first modelling assignment during my time in London (I've just done one other for Peter Prosser Hairdressing a few years back in Herefordshire - Hmm.. Maybe I'll post those some time...) so it marks a very special memory for me! The hair and makeup team were incredible! And not gonna lie, it was surprisingly fun being covered in paint and having my eyebrows gelled upwards...
The shoot was the final major project for a London College of Fashion fashion photography student in her final year and it was based around the separation of two siblings (was very impressed that they found me a half Asian brother, who you'll get to see soon!) I got to wear loads of gorgeous outfits (including various UAL student pieces) put together by a very talented styling team. Here's a link to the stylist's blog: (be sure to check it out!!)