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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Guyhyun Jee Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

I am so excited to be bringing this post showcasing the work of Guyhyun Jee to you today! The above photos are my behind the scenes Iphone shots (hence the low quality!) that I took between my duties as assistant photographer to Giovanni Martins.

I thought it was the perfect time to show you this talented young designer's work, as his lookbook was released just yesterday at the following link:

You can also see the full collection and campaign on Jee's Showtime profile here:

Saturday, 19 April 2014


This is my gorgeous Turklish (half English, half Turkish) friend Julide. It is also the second half of the shoot that I previously posted here, in which I modelled. I'm really pleased with the naturalistic, grainy look of the shoot and it made a nice change to try a more simple approach. Recently my life has been a blissful combination of photography, modelling, photo retouching commissions and assisting on fashion shoots, so feel free to mail me if you have anything along these lines coming up for which you are looking for a collaborative partner! ;)

Speak soon!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Style scouted by Lish Loves Dreaming

Lish Loves Dreaming

Hey, got style-scouted by the lovely Alishba for the delightful blog, Lish Loves Dreaming in Brick Lane a while back and just realised I never posted a link!
There's a lovely quality of nostalgia about Lish's photo-journal, that even manages to incite the feeling that you have walked through the same places in the pictures and share these memories - the key to any successful blog of this sort :) Loving it Lish!
Y'all should go check out Lish's blog! ;D

In the photo, I'm wearing Topshop heeled boots, topshop frilly edged grey socks, my favourite jacket (thrifted from the East End Thrift store for just £2.50!), my mum's old skirt brought back from her travels in china (when she was not much older than myself!), my mum's old jumper (that I swiped on it's way to being donated to the cat's bed by mum...) Hmm.. everything really does seem to have it's own story I guess.. One of the loveliest things about pre-owned clothes! :)

Hope you're all well! (and appreciating my newly developed skill of regular posting...) ;)


Shoot with Julide

Here are the results of a fun but simple shoot I did with my lovely friend Julide, in which we switched between the roles of photographer and model. We thought we'd make use of the gorgeous pool of natural light coming in through my window. Hardly ever shoot in black and white, so it was a nice change! My images of her are soon to follow!
ps. sorry about the dodgy quality.. not too sure what happened!

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, 13 April 2014

East End Thrifting

So the coat in today's look was thrifted at about £2 from this incredible store called The East End Thrift Store where you buy a carrier bag for £10 and fill it with as much stuff as you can fit! You can also pay £20 for a larger bag. Highly recommend it! Topshop boots, Topshop socks, Topshop hat, thrifted leather bag, thrifted skirt, thrifted belt, charity shop top, borrowed cardigan, thrifted 50s cowboy necklace.