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Monday, 9 September 2013

The Deer

Photography: Linden and Lucy Feng
Styling: Lucy Feng
Model: Lucy Feng

Here is one final summer time shoot that I did with my brother. It was deeply distressing to see such a majestic creature lying dead at the side of a motorway and I understand that some readers may find this image somewhat distressing too, but I hope that you can view the photograph as the memorial for the creature that it was intended as.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

End of an Era

Photos by Linden and Lucy Feng
Styling by Lucy Feng
Model: Grace Baddley

Hello everyone! Many apologies for the ridiculously huuuuge gap in posting, but it's been pretty crazily busy since I started my new course at uni!
To mark this big changeover, I am bringing you the last collaboration with my brother from our endless spree of shoots over the Summer. I think you'll agree that the beautiful Grace Baddley looks flawless as ever and the sheep ain't lookin too shabby either! ;)
Gutted to be parted from my big bro and the best creative partner ever, but I can't wait to see what London life will throw at me. So bring it on! ;)