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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Ivy

Hello readers! So excited writing this post to you all today!! Tis a fabulous collaboration between myself and my wonderful brother, Linden Feng, involving a lot of ivy and freezing cold water...
Linden was behind the camera, I was in front and the rest of the set up was the result of endless ideas bounced between one another and jumbled together :) Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I've enjoyed posting it!!!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Woods

Photography: Linden Feng, Styling: Lucy Feng, Model: Lucy Feng

So excited to show you these photos from another collaboration with Linden! Again, we planned the shoot together, before I styled it and Lind took the photographs of me.
I was going for a sort of posh, country lady look, so hopefully it looks about right! Most of my ourfit was vintage, but the shoes are Clarks, socks are Topshop and the bag is from a lovely store in Japan! :) The brooch is actually quite a special family heirloom passed down from my great gran.
I thought I'd show you the Lookbook post that resulted from it too! It can also be seen here on Lookbook :
Off to plan another shoot now (very big, exciting one that I promise will be up here soon), so until next time readers! :)

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Three Graces

Photos by Linden and Lucy Feng, Styling by Lucy Feng

Today I'm bringing you another photographic collaboration with the amazing Linden Feng (my brother). The concept of our shoot was loosely based around Antonio Canova's sculpture entitled "The Three Graces". Which meant that the stunning Grace Baddley's handsome, sculptural features and marble complexion - and of course the rather appropriate name ;) - was the perfect model for our shoot. -She also happens to be an avid classicist, making a portrayal of the three daughters of Zeus a very fitting role! ;)
This was a very interesting shoot to style actually, as it involved keeping the lower half of each outfit (the skirt and belt) exactly the same, whilst making each outfit completely different. The top of the middle Grace is actually the embellished dress that you can see here in my other post, the top on the right is a beaded lace top from a charity shop, which I cut the lining out of to make it sheer and the left top is a panel of absolutely gorgeous handmade vintage black lace from Hay on Wye. I love the eccentricity that the turban adds to the look! :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Silks of the Orient

I have recently had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous Rosalind Jana from Clothes Cameras and Coffee for the second time on this oriental themed shoot. Roz just never fails to look like an absolute goddess in front of the camera! Had a lovely time both photographing her and being photographed by her and I can't wait to show you her photos of me soon too!
I was actually originally inspired by a shoot by fashion photographer Sebastian Mader of the captivatingly striking Kelly Mittendorf. The contrast between model and clothing is just stunning and Rosalind's English-Rose infused beauty is just the perfect juxtaposition to the oriental clothing and backdrop! - It's times like this when being Chinglish (half Chinese and half English) really pays off, as you find yourself with cupboards of Chinese silk scarves and brocades and wardrobes bursting with beautiful oriental clothing. -Must admit, this was a very fun look to style! And yes, the peony is real! Fresh from our gorgeously Chinglish garden actually ;)
The clothes are a mixture of modern and old, including a Zara kimono top, my mum's Chinese silk dressing gown, skirt and brocade jacket - which has the most gorgeous peony design to compliment the real one! - and those gorgeous gold shoes and skirt from Roz's own fabulous wardrobe ;) I have also included some traditional japanese geisha hair ornaments and ukata belt (yes, I know I'm mixing my oriental cultures!)
My previous project with Rosalind (funnily enough, also focussing on silk...) can be found hereSilk-Spun and also on her blog, accompanied by an incredibly moving piece she wrote about her father's struggle with depression: Swimming and Spinning. Roz's photographs and impeccable styling of me from the last shoot can also be found here: Tatty Patchwork

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Flame of her World

Hey all! I know this isn't fashion photography, but I have recently done a lot of nature photography in a recent photo a day project and I'm quite proud of this one!
The photo is of a mother coot and her baby. I was just thrilled with the circularity and balance of their positioning and how the little baby looks so much like a tiny flame floating on the water - hence the name!
I have actually entered this in a competition that is linked here, so I would be so grateful if you could take a minute to vote!!

Vote for my art here! :)


Thursday, 8 August 2013

More Gold and DIY shoes

As you can see, my gold obsession still hasn't fizzled out and I have stocked up on plenty of golden goodies from a recent trip to Hay-on-Wye.
At the moment I am totally in love with this gorgeously decadent vintage dress! There is actually no sign of a label in the dress and all of the stitching looks very hand-done, so I'm wondering whether it could be entirely homemade! It's incredible to think about the amount of time and devotion that could have been spent on the lavish crusting of sequins and beading and who might have been the one to take on such a commitment. I guess that's the loveliest part of buying vintage clothes though, just knowing that each one has some sort of story to tell! :)
The black and gold brocade clutch was apparently donated to a store in Hay by a rather eccentric lady who had quite an obsession with lovely bags. One day she just brought in hundreds of exquisite little dress bags and clutches that she had hoarded over a lifetime. The funny part was that she would have many copies of the exact same bag or a range of bags just differing in a small element of the finishing or the colour. A true handbag connoisseur! ;)
The shoes were actually a little DIY project I designed that just take these few short stages to make:

You will need: 
     -A plain pair of black stilettos that you do not mind drastically altering (I got mine for £2 from a charity shop)
     -A selection of sea shells (the number and size of which depends on your personal preference, but I used about ten medium and small scallop shells on each shoe)
     -A glue gun
     -Black acrylic paint OR black spray paint
     -Gold acrylic paint
     -Paint brush

1: Make a quick sketch to plan the positioning of the seashells on the shoes (optional, but advised, as it helps to avoid glue being applied in the wrong areas later). Try to avoid placing the shells in areas where they could rest against the foot, as I found that this made it a little more difficult to put the shoes on.

2: Carefully cover the shells in a black coating using the black acrylic/ spray paint and leave to dry.

3: Once dry, dry-brush (dipping a brush into paint before wiping most of the paint back off) a thin layer of gold paint over the ridges of the shells, leaving areas of black exposed in the trenches and crevices of the shells. Then leave to dry.

4: After leaving glue gun to heat for about three minutes, apply a generous amount of glue to the inside edge of the first shell and to the area where you wish to place it on the surface of the shoe, making sure that no glue is left exposed around the edge of where the shell is to be placed.

5: Firmly hold the glue coated shell to the glue coated area of the shell until relatively dry, before repeating stages 4 and 5 for each shell.

6: Leave to the shoes to dry and you'll have a gorgeous and unique new addition to your wardrobe!



Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Metallic Coast

Hey all!
As you can see, I am continuing to fuel my obsession with the colour gold in this next photographic collaboration with my big bro :)
Our starting point was the ocean and the grittier grungier side of the theme coastal (which resulted in us rushing down to Ogmore-on-Sea and lugging half of the beach back home!) and then we quite literally struck gold when we introduced metallics to the shoot - an excellent suggestion by up and coming stylist Hollie Race, whose incredible portfolio can be viewed here on model mayhem!
Me and Linden (my bro) came up with the initial concept and set up the shoot together, before I took over the styling and he took over the camera operating.
The first look in the first two images is actually pretty much the same outfit I wore here in the post before this when developing the looks, so I won't bore you with too much detail in this post! ;) However, I have added the vintage chain-mail bag bought in the deliciously vintage-crammed town of Hay-on-Wye and also the gladiator sandals, which I sprayed gold and added a panel of gold studs to down the front.
For the second look, we managed to find that gorgeous lace leotard for just a few pounds from a charity store. It was originally in black, but I sprayed it gold for the shoot - the same goes for the rather fabulously gaga-ish spiked gold heels! Annie is also wearing a gorgeous black vintage shawl, which is still unfortunately somewhat seaweed encrusted... ;) and the necklace is just a bunch of strings of stones thrown together and sprayed gold. For the makeup and hair in both looks, I just had the two words exotic and wild in my mind, which hopefully sums up the overall look of the shoot! ;)
The insanely beautiful model in the pictures is my amazing friend and classmate of six years, Annie Williams, who will probably be popping up a lot in future posts (Especially since we still haven't shot the final look of the shoot, so watch this space!!!)
Bye for now!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Dusted in Gold

Heyo all!
Lately I've been thinking about how truly majestic the colour gold is! It radiates opulence and all that is luxury and seems to sing out to be goggled at and gazed upon, which is probably why it tends to remain tucked away at the back of a wardrobe left to humbly hang and fester dust until an occasion important enough to do it justice.
Yes, it's true that gold is a statement and does seem to shout out, "look at me!" and undeniably frequents the category of over-dressed, but why should there ever be an inappropriate time to dress up and make a statement, and what better way to do that is there than to slip into some gold heels, wind a gold chain around your neck or even deck your body in a shimmering gold dress, for the braver amongst us. It's not on the same level as sporting a fluorescent pink tutu or head to toe lime green fur seen at London fashion week 2013 (Jeremy Scott). It's a different kind of statement. Despite it's flashiness, it maintains a sense of demureness that seems to elevate it to a whole new level. Of course that depends partially on how it is worn, but it has the potential.
To me, it makes a woman look strong and almost otherworldly, goddess-like perhaps and us women should wear it with pride. I actually had a week of wearing pretty much just gold and black (an excellent colour to compliment it) and had a fantastic time doing that! So be prepared to see many more golden posts to follow!
The leggings are Cotton Candy from TK MAX, the shoes are Fanatic from an amazing shoe shop in the arcades of Cardiff (can't remember the name!), the charity shop top is Sweew√ę, necklace a gift from Ebay (don't know any more about it I'm afraid), earrings from Topshop (yes, they're clip-ons and I've never had my ears pierced!) and bracelets and belts unknown from charity shops.
I have also been doing another joint photography shoot with my brother, which features this look, only this time with a very special friend of mine modelling, so look out for the photos of the shoot on my blog in the next few days!
The look is also here on Lookbook!
Signing out!
Lucy Feng