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Saturday, 13 July 2013

In black and grey

Hullo all! The other day I watched and fell in love with an incredible film called "Walk the Line" about the life of legendary rock n' roll and country singer, Johnny Cash. Johnny's life seemed particularly prone to accidents which worked out shockingly well and made him into the icon that he became, such as his statement black shirts - a result of being unable to afford any other shirts in the early days of his career. This very accident is what has brought this particular post to you all today!
Now I know that black is extremely popular in the fashion world and that a pair of black statement heels and a little black dress are considered wardrobe staples, but after Cash was told that he looked like he was on his way to a funeral when setting out to his first audition, I began to wonder how much black is acceptable before you begin to look like death's accomplice, or how to wear black without looking drab and miserable. So I would love to hear your opinions!!!
In honour of Johnny, I decided to wear my own version of the statement black shirt - a £2 charity shop find. It's actually quite tent-like on me, being several sizes to large, but I adore the silhouette that it creates when tucked into my faux crushed velvet skater skirt from american apparel (a brand new purchase that I am quite in love with at the moment!!). I also think that the shorter length of the skirt lightens the look up a bit and makes it a bit more fun and flirty! The black hat is another recent buy from Topshop, which I am absolutely thrilled with after a long and gruelling search for my dream wide brim trilby hat, I'm afraid I can't remember where the socks or belt were from, but the shoes are New Look and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you again about my greatly cosseted leather satchel yet again! Remember to let me know about your thoughts on wearing black!!

See the look here on lookbook!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chinese tea in the sunset

Hello all! Today I'm showing you some piccies taken on a very lovely evening trip to the top of a hill, armed with a picnic blanket, some Chinese tea and a truly majestic view (If you've ever seen 'The Bucket List, this would have been the view for me!)
The top I'm wearing was made by myself, the trousers are Zara, Boots from Clarks and the bag is another vintage find :)
I was thrilled to see how well the colours of the sunset were actually captured in the photograph I took pictured above!!

Lucy Feng

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Midnight Blue

So excited about showing you all my latest vintage find! This midnight blue mullet skirt was from a gorgeous vintage store in Cardiff with the loveliest vintage clothing I've ever come across and big brands such as Dolce and Gabbana all washed and ironed and sold for under £10! The skirt was £10 and the original brand is XXI, the shirt was £1 from a charity shop, bag from Rokit Vintage and the pocket watch was a particularly excellent boot-sale find!

Lucy Feng

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Self-Portrait a Day: Head of Weeping Roses

Here is my final and quite possibly favourite photograph in my week-long self-portrait-a-day project. Couldn't have gone better as a method of exploring creativity and I'm sure you'll see a lot more similar projects to come!! I'd be so thrilled to hear any feedback of your thoughts on any of the images across the series :D

Also entered this in a competition, so would be extremely grateful if you could Vote for my photo entry here!! :)

Lucy Feng

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Self-Portrait a Day: The Fallen

So this next photo was the result of a brand new drive, a brand new fork-lift truck and a love of oriental rock gardens... This is actually my entry into the second photography competition that I have ever entered - Digital Photo magazine's 4th Annual Perfect Portraits competition - and, to my astonishment, I actually have gotten to the finals of the competition!!! No idea what's going to happen next though, as the judging still continues, but I'm doubtful that more could possibly come from this, as there are 89 incredibly stunning entries that look somewhat unbeatable... But who knows! I'll be sure to let you know if anything happens though!

Lucy Feng

Self-Portrait a Day Project: The Time Keeper

On the day of this shoot, I had just added a few new treasures to my rather extensive pocket-watch collection from a car boot sale, so I guess I was in the mood for showing them off! I'm not usually much of a black and white fanatic, but I thought that the contrast and simplicity it created in my next self-portrait worked pretty well if I might say so myself... ;)

Self-Portrait a Day Project: Pulled in all Directions

This next photograph in my project possibly means the most to me out of the entire set, as it marked the first photography competition that I have ever entered or won a prize for. I entered the national Young Photographer of the Year competition in a burst of optimism and soon forgot about it in the several month process of judging that followed, causing great astonishment when I received an invitation to the prize-giving ceremony to accept my second place prize from pioneering Sunday Times photographer, John Bulmer. John Bulmer's gritty, real yet strikingly beautiful presentation of ordinary people is particularly inspirational to me, candid photography being a skill that I am longing to improve at! Perhaps better than winning the prize itself was the fact that my photograph would be reproduced hundreds of times for all of the competition's promotional purposes, including posters and fliers across the country, after being selected for the role amongst all of the other winning entries!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Self-Portrait a Day Project: Fairy Lights

With this next photograph in my self-portrait-a-day project, I discovered the endless joys of fairy lights! After completing the shoot I decided that I didn't want to let the delightful strings of tiny bursts of light go to waste, so I simply had to decorate my room with them! ;)

Aren't they pwitty? :)

Until tomorrow!

Lucy Feng xXx