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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Self Portrait a Day Project: The Bird Tamer

Today, I am bringing you the second photo in my self-portrait a day project. Remember to look closely and you might notice the cheeky chappy modelling along side me! He is the one and only Spuggy the Sparrow! He fell from a great height out of his nest as a pink, featherless, squeaky little scrap of a bird and after several failed attempts to return him to his little sparrow family, we decided to adopt the lil guy so he's part of the family now... Enjoy!

The previous photo from my self-portrait-a-day project can be found here: Self Portrait a Day Project

Velvet Nights

I thought I'd try an evening look... so here it is! The maroon velvet jacket was another great Rokit Vintage find for £12 and the dress was originally an ankle-length Asos gown for just £6 from a local boot-sale. As striking as the dress looked with its cascades of blue velvet, I know I'd rarely find an event to wear it to, so I cut it down to the perfect party dress length. The original dress is below (sorry about the poor quality!)

I thought that the neckline was quite plain so I added in the pearl Peter Pan collar necklace, that I picked up at yet another bootsale! ;) I always find that collar-necklaces are the perfect way to temporarily transform a look.

The heels are from New Look, but I got them so long ago that I have no clue how much they were anymore!

Again, the look is also here on my lookbook!

Silk Shirts and Frumpy Knits

This silk teal shirt, originally from United Colours of Benetton, came from an RSPCA charity shop for just £2! I teamed it with this wine red skater skirt from H&M to compliment the rich quality of the teal.

There is nothing like a frumpy oversized cardigan to snuggle up in on a walk through the countryside, so here's mine straight out of an Oxfam charity shop for £3. The brand in the label of the cardi is Rough Edge, but I have yet to find any other trace of the brand elsewhere, so please let me know if you know any more about it!

The bag was a vintage gift from my dad and I'm afraid I know little more than that about it, but it has definitely earned its place as top bag in my wardrobe! It's just the perfect size and leather is always so durable! AND it has pockets :D

Also got the shock of a lifetime when I finally dared to venture out of the house without a shred of makeup on and got style-hunted for the first time in this outfit at Rokit Vintage! Although I must admit that I'm not quite as swaggy as the two chaps to the left of me... ;)

Lucy Feng

Friday, 28 June 2013

Self Portrait a Day Project: Ghost

Hey everyone!
Among my other posts, I am going to show you the results of a project that I did last year, in which I engaged in a week of pure photography - in other words, absolute bliss!! I took a self-portrait each day of that week, with my main goal simply being to go mad with creativity! I'm not going to say too much about each photograph, as I would love to hear your ideas about my photography instead. Enjoy day one's results!

Ghost: 23/6/12

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Monday, 24 June 2013


Today, I'm sharing some photographs with you that I took last year in a shoot with my gorgeous friend Rosalind Jana from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee. Rosalind's exceptional way with words fuses together her passion for vintage fashion and photography into one divine blog. Her inspirational articles have also appeared in various magazines, including British Vogue and Lionheart and I'm sure that she has a remarkable future ahead of her.

Model: Rosalind Jana
Photographer: Lucy Feng (myself)

I had the most magical of days in the breathtakingly beautiful rural landscape surrounding Rosalind's home, rummaging through the vintage emporium that makes up her wonderfully extensive wardrobe as we took it in turns to style each other.

I will soon post Rosalind's photography with me as the model, but you can check out her work straight away at Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.
Click here to see Rosalind's post about the same shoot to see a slightly different combination of photographs from the same shoot and a powerful article written by Rosalind sensitively describing her father's victorious struggle with depression:

Cameras, Clothes and Coffee: Swimming and Spinning

I'm sure that you will see many more future collaborations between Rosalind and myself and you can even expect one in the next few weeks, as we are already planning the next, so stay tuned!

Lucy xXx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Paper Dress

Ahh! I've been so excited about bringing you this slightly more unusual post today! So here it is, a dress  I've made out of recycled paper just to show you how the most basic materials can be made into something hopefully a bit more exciting!

I have made the entire dress out of old paper, including the lace fastenings and corset base. The dress itself is actually much shorter than it appears in the photograph, but I had this idea for the shoot where the paper fans of the dress cascaded down into a sort of ocean surrounding my gorgeous model and amazing friend, Grace. Hopefully, we kind of pulled it off... Let me know what you think!

I was going to include some photographs of the dress on its own without the extra fans, but unfortunately unforeseen circumstances prevented me from doing so... I think that my lovely model may have suffered somewhat from the rather intense heat of my studio lights and may have fainted for a very brief period... (I am SO sorry Grace!) resulting in the dress being somewhat crushed... It's ok though, because we managed to get these lovely photographs before the slight catastrophe and I couldn't be more thrilled with them!!!

WARNING: If you guys are hoping to try out a similar project with paper, you may wish to stay clear of paper fans! They're just so fiddly and take so long to do! I'm still haunted by folded paper at night... ;)

Here I'm modelling the dress in its early stages when it was still just a corset...

Enjoy! :D

Photographer: myself
Model: Grace Baddley (and one of myself)